Saturday, July 5, 2014

Farewell to Figaro

On Thursday, July 3, our bold, demanding, and fiercely loyal companion of the last eight years passed away. We buried Figaro the next day in a park next to a waterfall (he liked the sound of running water, and always wanted to be with us when we were washing dishes or taking a bath).

He loved to preen us and our clothes, and nestle in our hands as we watched Bollywood. (Of course, it was our job to massage his pinfeathers and to make sure he got his daily almond on time—and if we didn't do our jobs properly he made sure that we heard about it.)

Figaro's absence leaves us with a sad void in our lives. He is very much missed; farewell, buddy.


  1. Figaro will be greatly missed by his fellow feathered friend, Lenny. I'm so glad we got to know Figaro so well. He was always a welcomed guest in our home. He did like to snuggle in our hand and cozy up on our shoulder.
    We couldn't get over how much he liked being stroked on his head. Farewell our little feathered friend.
    Much love from Laura, Gary and especially Lenny.

  2. Laura, Gary and Lenny, thank you once again for your great generosity and hospitality. Figaro did not take an immediate liking to very many people, but he seemed to instantly feel at home with you. We're wondering how we're going to explain Figaro's absence to Lenny the next time she comes to stay...

    Thank you so much for your message of condolence, from both of us.