Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Congratulations to Alex Ross

The New York Times announced today that one of the winners of this year's MacArthur Foundation "Genius" grants is Alex Ross, music critic of The New Yorker.

I posted on Ross's The Rest Is Noise: Listening To The Twentieth Century last April; recently, Michael Kimmelman has written an even more enthusiastic review for the New York Review of Books. The paperback will be published October 10 (unless the publisher now moves up the date).

Ross's blog is also titled The Rest is Noise, and The New Yorker offers an online archive of his past articles.


  1. Hey Pessimisissimo! Are you alive and well? Where are you? ;)

  2. Hi, Memsaab, and thanks for your concern.

    Yes, I'm alive, but as for well, well...

    This semester I'm working four days a week, doing a library internship two days a week, and doing graduate coursework on the remaining day and in the evenings. Unfortunately, that means that there isn't enough time for pleasurable activities like sleeping, eating, or blogging. Look for me to start posting at my usual furious pace of once a week or so once the semester is over.

  3. Well, I'm glad you're still out there :-)